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The Gear : It takes some good gear. To make a trip. This epic.

After a 60 day river trip. I’ve paddled it, surfed it, stood on it, sat on it, flipped it, fell off it, got back on it, customized it, showed it off, praised it, cursed it, played on it, cooked on it, ate on it, pitched a tent on it, slept on it, relaxed on it, scraped it, scratched it, dinged it, crashed it, dragged it, kicked it, carried it, dropped it, hid it, lost it, found it, blown it up, rolled it up, and packed it up. But never sank it. These boards HALA.

The paddles. The River Carbon HS. (not shone) It is the one I lost to the river. With it's deeper blade, it has great boat maneuverability. Very useful in white water. The Lock & Load Carbon Travel. Was the straight line, paddle all day, and make some time on flat water. When paddling as far as I did holding course becomes very important. You can turn a 20 mile day into a 25 mile and still only cover the same river miles. The Butterknife. I used this paddle the most. The problem with versatility is that it does not do an thing best. But after paddling 730+ miles, that's what I liked best about it. It made me versatile. I can go from standing to kneeling In 1 second, and on long days you sit back and relax as you paddle off the miles. If I only took 1 paddle this would be it. But always take a spare. As I learned, you never know when one will run away.

My favorite thing about the VestPac is the versatility. The front changes out for any thing I need quick access to. They made me a simple custom front for my phone. I can wear it under my PFD; that way it's not getting hung up on things. And you always need quick access to water. Even when you are swimming in it.

Sandals. Though I broke them, after 2 years, 730+ river miles, 100+ hiking miles (just on this trip), several 1000 ft vertical change and me living in them, I think they earned their keep. And I don't have to buy a new pair. I send them in and Chaco will fix them for me.

This was my first big trip using a Jetboil. Yes it has two temps. High and higher. But once you figure it out you can make some amazing food with it. But the best is that it takes very little time to boil two cups of water which is what most of my dinners took.

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