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A New Job. Or have I been solo to long?

So there I was paddling along. Contemplating life. What I've done, what I can still do. Came around to what kind of job I want when this trip is over. I have been in the hospitality industry for 20+ years. I worked construction for several years. I can work the logistics of big trips or projects. I love being outdoors. I started thinking big. I would like to build a self sustained dome with a restaurant & bar. Then I would always have fresh produce to serve. Why stop there. My location is good for a hostel as well. I'm at the base of the Wind River Range. We are a main stop on The Continental Divide. The headwaters of the Green River are amazing fishing. The property I would need for location and sunlight would not come cheap. The buildings are a little expensive, but they up the value of the land. And I can go totally off grid. Solar, wind, hydraulic powered. I can serve my chicken eggs and use the compost to grow new plants. Once it's operational I will have the best produce you can find in town. Stop by and shop. Cool, did the math. Three million should do it. No problem right.

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