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Day #37 A day to kill.

Sat at the diner and had breakfast. Then a sandwich to go. It was a lot of what i needed.

Guy Fieri, you should check them out. Tell them the guy on the river trip sent you.

I'm not kidding. This is the steak and egg breakfast. Prime rib cut, biscuit (I put brown gravy on mine) 2 eggs and I like her hash brown style. Those are 12" plates as well. The Rubin was to go. So pictures of a box are boring, and it was in my bag for a 3 mile hike back to camp. Tasted great though.

Well I guess it is so. So says the restroom sign. I pissed off the Moab chick. She is not impressed I'm doing this solo.

So I checked into the porch for my second day. I still can't quit that soon. Sorry Moab. I may not make the ocean. But I'll enjoy camping for months.

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