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Day #13 Holed up at Chuck's. Spent some time gearing up for a solo run.

Stayed at a friends place on the river. Still rain, snow and wind. Just a standard day on the river. Able to charge my batteries and eat some steaks. Thanks !!!! Chuck. Liking the Hala Rado. With the 9" fin hanging down. It lets me know when it's getting shallow and need to get down. I like the Butter knife paddle. But can you make the one side out of clear plastic. It works better as a door than a window currently. Learned to sleep with my batteries. They don't like the cold.

Keeps me from being thirsty.

Still snowing.

Lots of trees washed out from last spring.

Custom charging station.

Another friend's ranch along the way.

Warming up in the sun.


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