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Word sent to Casa Del Gibson by human amphibian... that the SUP boarders are alive and kicking!

Essington stopped by home base and let the parents know that Brad and Jed are at Green River Lakes; they'll be there for a few days. Formal expedition south to start Wednesday. Delay perhaps related to six inches, yep inches of snow on the second to the last day of "summer."

Jason paddled the whole length of GRL today with them. I think in flying terms this would be their safety check ride(s) totaling skipping any solo(s) endorsements because there are two of them per say!

Guys and get to the point'ers please stop here. No. Really stop, don't do it.

Lost in the detail'ers go for it: Not gonna quote anyone in particular but sources say, (and I do quote) breakfast consists of protein powder, "BARF" and dinners shall be dehydrated noodle surprise (maybe mac n' cheese, maybe fideo or the likes there of)! Sources not close to the explorers rumor they may have had unexpected water spilled... 5 gallons something something and wet wood for a snowy night stay. Water up to their necks while fellow paddler boasted of being only wet to the knees, through 18" swells. Stalog 17 conditions further described but not for the those yearning to venture with them. Will verify facts later, these will GRB talking points when we see them in a week or so!

Wyoming tough brings new light to the awaiting waters. Guys forgive me the wordy update you can fix this post later, I do hope!!

Photo provided by Brad's Wife!

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