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Like most epic adventures,
this one starts with a woman …

So there I was riding in my buddy's Jeep in Pinedale, Wyoming, thinking about this cute chick in Moab, Utah.  I decided I need to go see her.

My first thought was I would canoe there, that would be epic.

Then I started contemplating the logistics ...

Canoeing would not work, too many rapids/portages.


So I Googled, asked Siri, and talked with Alexa. No one has done this trip on a S.U.P. that I could find.  This sounds like a great idea! But wait, why stop there? (I still have to see the cute girl though) The ocean is not that much further. This is worth quitting a job for. They'll understand, right?

This is an epic adventure! And she IS that cute.

It has not been done. I also need something to do on THE WEEKENZ!

— Jedidiah —


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