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So there I am. Cooking in a hot kitchen. Burgers on the grill, mushrooms sauteing, buns about to burn,
salads need prepped, and dishes are pilling up in the sink. Did I mention its 105 degrees in here. And
then... I get a text. An invite to a Grand Canyon Trip?! What?? Wait!! Wasn’t that one of the things that
held me back on my last trip? I better ask Siri, talk with Alexa, and Google this. Has anyone floated the
entire length of the Colorado River on an S.U.P. ? I was the first to complete the Green River. 750 river
miles in 60 days of self supported paddling. This trip is a few more miles. I should talk to my buddy
Brad. He started the last trip with me and is always down for a good trip. I could use some support this
time. The last trip was a lot.
Well... I guess I better tell my bosses that i'm going to be gone for a while. This trip is a bit bigger than
the last one. 1450 miles. I'm speculating 4-6 month on the river. Trips of a life time only come once. Hmm
maybe twice. Its a trip worth leaving a job for. They’ll understand right!?

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